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Cartaz desenvolvido como proposta para seleção da mostra de cartazes "City" da Galeria da Capital Normal University, Pequim.


People live in cities. Cities are in constant transformation. People are in constant transformation. People change cities and cities change people. Where is my hometown? Anapolis, a city in the center of Brazil. But where is my favorite city? I already visited and lived in another cities and they really changed me. I think that all of them are part of a bigger imaginary city based on my experience. Together they form my personal city. My lifetown.


In my imaginary map I put the shapes of all these cities, becoming a new a shape, my lifetown shape. Each different city works as a different neighborhood. The “neighborhoods” with bigger names are the cities I already lived during my life: Anapolis, São Paulo, Paris and Seoul.


Agosto de 2015.

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